Learning the FT2DR

The Home of AA9MG

I got my Extra license in 2014 (second time around for me...I was N2POV in the deep dark past, but never did much with it). These days I live in lovely EM67, with my wife, four kids, one dog, one cat, one snake, and some variable number of fish and freshwater snails. When I'm not writing software for a living or homeschooling my kids I'm generally doing something with either Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

I've got a couple of little HTs for bopping around town, but my primary radio these days is an Elecraft KX3. Mostly I'm on JT9 and JT65, hopping around bands and trying to pick up the last few of the 50 states I need. But I have plans to do much more!

My primary computer for controlling the KX3 is "Lenny" - a Lenovo S100. This is just a cheap (< $200) Chromebook, but by loading it with GalliumOS I've got a Linux box that is plenty capable of running WSJT-X, TQSL, and everything else I need.


I do my best to update logs within 24 hours, to everywhere people have returned the favor:

Contacts map generated by K2DSL's ADIF to Mappage.


Some of my Scouting ham buddies:


I'm not doing as much with my license as I'd like (never enough time!) but I am slowly ramping up in a couple of areas where I could put it to actual use:

Learning the FT2DR

My daughter, KD9HHM, and I, are trying to learn how to best use our new FT2DR. You can follow along.