Learning the FT2DR

Learning the FT2DR

KD9HHM and I got a new Yaesu FT2DR as a late Christmas present for ourselves. We're going to try to learn how to use it a tiny bit at a time. I'll document our progress one step at a time. Who knows, this might some day be useful to other hams.

Step 0. Charge

We started by just unboxing the radio and putting it together. This consisted of snapping on the battery pack and putting the battery pack protective cap on its back to keep things reasonably waterproof. We also screwed on the antenna. Then we plugged the power supply into the wall, plugged the other end into the radio, and left it overnight so that we'd have some charge to play with. Notes:

  1. The LED does not come on when charging, despite what the manual might leave you to believe
  2. The display shows what appears to be a progress bar, but it never actually moves
  3. The display turns itself off when the battery is fully charged, so when it looks dead in the morning that's actually good.

Step 1. Simplex

OK, let's move on to something that actually uses the radio. We turned on the radio and entered her call sign when prompted. Then we set the frequency on the upper part of the display to 146.46 by madly turning the dial (top knob on the right of the radio). I took another HT out to the sun room and set it up for the same frequency. Then we had a quick chat. Success! Notes:

  1. We'll need to figure out how to quickly swap call signs when we change the operator, if this becomes important
  2. Easier way to change the frequency: tap the displayed frequency on the touch screen and just type in the frequency you want.
  3. The screen displays a time. The time is wrong. There must be some way to change that.
  4. Long touch on the A/B button switches from dual band display to mono band display and back.